Grant Winners – How To Receive Money

If you are not, please get your membership ASAP.

#1 Verification of the work done

First part of the grant:

Please provide the following items to [email protected]:

1. Your IEEE membership #
2. Brief CV in text format
3. A picture with your portrait
4. A letter of nomination/recommendation from the student’s research director (Faculty Advisor). The advisor should also certify the student’s status in the Ph. D. program and express willingness to monitor the progress of the student’s work during the award period.
5. A letter from the student’s Department Head / Chair, indicating the good standing in the department.
If available, a brief summary of the student’s research contributions and publication (not more than 1/2 page in length).
6. A statement that visa issues are not an impediment for the applicant to report his activity to DIES-sponsored conferences OR participate to next CEIDP (please check prior sending the proposal)

Second part of the grant:

Please send a PDF copy of the paper associated with the project, that you have published this year in a DEIS-sponsored conference to [email protected]. If the name of the conference is not reported in the PDF header, please write it in the e-mail.

#2 Administrative forms

The Administrative forms have to be completed and e-mailed to the DEIS treasurer for both the first and second part of the grant.

Please fill:

  • W9 form if you are a US resident
  • W8 form if you are not a US resident

W8 and W9 forms are available here

Scan the filled W8/W9 form and email it to the DEIS treasurer, Bill McDermid [email protected]

IMPORTANT: You must have an address that you will be at for at least a few months for the mailed cheque to reach you.