Scope: The IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine is involved with the DEIS, it’s sponsoring society, in providing leadership, coordination, and communication among those who are concerned with dielectric phenomena and measurements; and with electrical insulating materials, including their behavior as it impacts on their use in electrical and electronic apparatus.  The EI Magazine is specifically concerned with publishing articles in the development and characterization of the dielectric, chemical, mechanical and environmental properties of all vacuum, gaseous, liquid and solid electrical insulation, and with utilization of these materials in circuits and systems under conditions of use.

Content: In the EI Magazine, the feature articles are oriented toward the engineer and technologist concerned with the use and application of electrical insulating materials and systems.  the articles are written in a tutorial or review style so that anyone interested in electrical insulation and dielectric phenomena can appreciate and learn about a particular area with which s/he may not be entirely familiar.

Magazine articles are not rigidly defined as to content or style.  Opinions can be expressed, although they must be clearly identified as opinion rather than well-documented fact.  Commercial subjects can be discussed as long as the article is not perceived as a commercial pitch.

In addition to the technical articles, the magazine carries features such as new products, industry news, meeting and conference dates, regional news, etc.  The magazine is a vehicle for Society news and, in particular, news regarding the Society sponsored conferences.

Contributions are sought for all sections of the magazine. The writing style and requirements vary somewhat for each of the sections.  See one of the current issues of EI Magazine for the style of the presentation.

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