The DEIS currently has two professional awards.  They are listed below.

1. The Eric O. Forster Distinguished Service Award

The award is made in recognition of sustained leadership, support, and contributions to the advancement in the field of electrical insulation. It is restricted to DEIS members. The award is made biennially (every two years), generally at the Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena. However, the recipient has the prerogative of requesting that the award be made at an alternative DEIS-sponsored event.

2. The Thomas W. Dakin Distinguished Technical Contributions Award

The award is for outstanding, original technical contributions in advancing the science and technology of dielectrics and electrical insulation. It is open to DEIS members, members of other IEEE societies, and to qualified scientists and engineers outside of IEEE. The award is made biennially (every two years) at the International Symposium on Electrical Insulation; generally, the recipient is invited to present a plenary talk at the symposium.

Procedures for Nomination and Selection of Award Recipients

The Awards Committee will solicit the nominations of candidates from members of the society, through timely announcements in the IEEE Insulation Magazine, and/or on the DEIS website, and/or via other appropriate electronic forums.

For a nominee to be considered by the Awards Committee, their nomination must be supported by at least two Society members, who are required to submit supporting material to the Committee. The Committee will then make recommendations to AdCom for approval. If no suitable candidates can be found by the Awards Committee, AdCom will be so informed.

Each award shall be granted only once to a specific individual.

Other award opportunities:

Some DEIS sponsored conferences offer awards. The Golden Omega Award is exclusive to the Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC). Whitehead Memorial Lecturers are exclusive to the Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena (CEIDP).