The functions of the Publications Committee is to:

  1. Supervise and otherwise arrange for the publication of the Transactions and the Magazine on a regular schedule.
  2. Be concerned with the control of the quality of all publications of the Society.
  3. Assist the Editorsin-Chief of the Transactions, and the Magazine in formulating editorial policies and in the preparation of the budget for the Transactions, and the Magazine.  The committee must report at least once a year to the AdCom for this purpose.
  4. Assist the Editors-in-Chief with the selection of Associate/GuestEditors.

The publication committee is composed by the Administrative VP, Technical VP and DEIS members with expertise in publications-related issues. The Chair and members are appointed by the President for a term of 3 years (with the prospect of renewal), with the consent of AdCom.

  • Raji Sundaraja, Chair
  • Andrea Cavallini
  • Eric David
  • Leonard Dissado
  • Davide Fabiani
  • Paul Gaberson
  • Mona Ghassemi
  • Hulya Kirkici
  • Akiko Kumada
  • Brian Stewart
  • Feipeng Wang
  • Kai Wu

There are three major DEIS publications:


The IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation is published every other month. Resources on how to submit a paper can be found here.

Electrical Insulation Magazine

The IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine is published every other month. Resources on how to submit a paper to the magazine and see historical publications can be found here.

IEEE DEIS Related Standards

DEIS hosts a variety of standards development committees related to dielectric materials and testing. Additional information on DEIS Standards can be found here.

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