Distinguished Lecturer Program

The IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) provides acknowledged, eminent, and outstanding lecturers in pure and applied technical fields in each of its societies, who can be selectively invited by local society chapters, globally, to give talks to chapter members; thereby helping to support the recruitment of student members and the vibrant activities of existing and new chapters.

In 2013, DEIS AdCom re-assigned its DLP to the Awards and Recognition Committee. The attached Procedures document describes the procedures for the Term of Office of distinguished lecturers and the travel policies governing the talks jointly agreed upon by a DLP lecturer and the DEIS chapter and for the reimbursement by DEIS for giving the talk. Also attached are:

  1. The list of current lecturers, recently re-appointed by AdCom, effective January 1, 2014, with the fields in which they have agreed to present talks.
  2. The nomination form, with required documentation, for the nomination of new distinguished lecturers (attachment 1).
  3. The form for requesting a DLP talk and providing a budgetary estimate of the intercity costs for the visit (attachment 2). (Note. Local expenses are to be borne by the local chapter requesting approval for the talk).

Questions can be addressed to the Awards and Recognition Committee chair, Dr. Gregory Stone.

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