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IEEE DEIS has a library of historical videos. The list of videos available on this website are listed below.

These historical videos date back to 1973 and represent some of the fundamental understanding of the DEIS community. Many of the original videos have deteriorated or were loaned and never returned.

The efforts of this part of the IEEE DEIS website are to:

  • Preserve knowledge through converting original videos
  • Capture videos of experts at conferences and IEEE DEIS events
  • Provide links to IEEEtv and other resources

If you have original IEEE DEIS conference videos that are not listed here please contact us.

Videos from 2024

Videos from 2023

Videos from 2022

Videos from 2013 ICSD

Videos from 2011 Electrical Insulation Conference

  • ISEI2012: 2012 Dakin Award Recipient Greg Stone on Partial Discharge.
  • EIC2011-1: 2011 Golden Omega Award Recipient John W Estey, President and CEO of S&C Electric Company on education and the workforce. June 7, 2011.
  • EIC2011-2: June 6, 2011 “Root Cause Investigation of the Inadvertent Failure of Unit 2 Forced Draft Fan Motor and the Corrective Actions Implemented,” John K Amoo-Otoo, Consultant.
  • EIC2011-3: June 6, 2011, “Evaluation of Vacuum Encapsulation Systems for Integral Motors,” Howard W Penrose, Ph.D., CMRP & Donald Wittmuss, Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc.

2010 Dakin Award Winner

Historical Video

  • Video 11: 1981: Trends in Printed Wiring Technology
  • Video 12: Cellulose insulation Materials Evaluation.
  • Video 13: A Changing Capacitor Technology: Failure Mechanisms and Design Innovations.
  • Video 15: Fast Process on the Cathode in Vacuum Discharges
  • Video 16: Review of the Present Understanding of Electrode Phenomena
  • Video 19: Arcing and Interruption Phenomena in Vacuum Switchgear Subjected to Transverse Magnetic Field
  • Video 24: Motor Failure Analysis Parts 1 & 2

Additional historical videos can be found in this YouTube playlist.

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