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Objectives of DEIS Chapter Committee
The Chapters Committee shall support and encourage the chapter activities, thereby providing DEIS members with valuable opportunities to network at a local level. This may be accomplished through guest speakers, workshops and seminars as well as social functions, thus enabling the personal and professional growth of the members.
Chapter Fund – financial support for chapter activity
IEEE DEIS has a Chapter Fund program that financially supports Chapter activities such as lecture programs, workshops or seminars as well as social functions.
DEIS Distinguished Lecturers Program
In the Distinguished Lecturer Program, the society has a list of speakers who are prepared to visit a chapter and deliver a lecture on a given topic. Please contact the DEIS AdCom Chapters Committee Chair for more information.
Chapters Committee
Thomas Andritsch, Co-chair (Region 8)
Jim Guo, Co-chair (Regions 1-7 & 9)
Feipeng Wang, Co-chair (Region 10)


1 Schenectady Section Chapter, DEI32 William G Newman 31-DEC-2017 Northeastern USA – Region 1
2 Algeria Jt. Chapter, NPS05/DEI32 Amar Tilmatine [email protected] 31-DEC-2016 Europe, Middle East, Africa – Region 8
3 Italy Section Chapter, DEI32 Andrea Cavallini [email protected] 31-DEC-2018 Europe, Middle East, Africa – Region 8
4 Egypt Section Chap, DEI32 Loai Saad Nasrat [email protected] Europe, Middle East, Africa – Region 8
5 Jordan Section Jt Chap, PE31/DEI32 Position Vacant Term End Date: 31-DEC-2015 Europe, Middle East, Africa – Region 8
6 Kolkata Section Chapter, DEI32 Arijit Basu Ray [email protected] Dec 2016 Asia & Pacific – Region 10
7 Malaysia Section Chapter, DEI32 Nor Asiah Muhamad [email protected] Dec 2018 Asia & Pacific – Region 10
8 Montreal/Ottawa Jt. Section Chapter, DEI32 Refat Atef Ghunem, PhD [email protected] Dec 2018 Canada – Region 7
9 New South Wales Section Chapter, DEI32 Trevor R Blackburn [email protected] Dec 2017 Asia & Pacific – Region 10
10 Poland Section Chapter DEI32 Marek Florkowski [email protected] Dec 2018 Europe, Middle East, Africa – Region 8
11 Queensland Section Chapter, PE31/DEI32 Tapan K Saha [email protected] Dec 2017 Asia & Pacific – Region 10
12 Toronto/King/Kw/Ham/Lond Jt. Section Chap, DEI32 Ali Naderian Jahromi [email protected] Dec 2018 Canada – Region 7
13 UK and Ireland Section Chapter, DEI32 Thomas Andritsch [email protected] Dec 2017 Europe, Middle East, Africa – Region 8
14 Vancouver Section Jt. Chapter, PE31/DEI32 Kenny Kai Yin Poon [email protected] Dec 2018 Canada – Region 7
15 Tokyo/FK/HR/KN/NG/SP/SN/SK Jt Sec Chap DEI32 Naohiro Hozumi Dec 2018 Region 10
16 Xian Section Chapter DEI32 Shengtao Li [email protected] Dec 2018 Region 10

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    1. Hello Philip
      sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately NSW DEIS Chapter is no more active. If you are interested in opening the chapter, please let me know.
      All the best
      Davide Fabiani
      IEEE DEIS President

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