Conference Tools

Tools for Hosting a Conference

A key item to review when planning a conference is the IEEE Conference Organization Manual. and required forms from IEEE.

Following are Additional Resources:



IEEE Conference Search Engine Here
IEEE Grant Administration (For supporting student travel, printing of proceedings, etc.) Here


IEEE Concentration Banking Here
Budget Preparation Tool for Conferences Held in USATool for Conference Held outside USA



IEEE Online Resource Center for Conference Publication Organizers Here
Preparation of Compatible Conference Publication PDF Submissions to IEEE Here
Setting up and use of the IEEE PDF eXpress service for your conference Here
IEEE Paper Format for Conference Proceedings PDF
Copyright Issues Here
Copyright Form PDF
IEEE XPlore© Here


IEEE Power Engineering Society Meetings Here 
IEE (UK) Conferences and Events Here
Physics Web Events Listing (for possible announcement of your conference there) Here

Additional resources will be added as required.

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