Obituary Guidelines

Obituaries will be published in the DEIS Electrical Insulation Magazine (EIM) based on the following guidelines:

  • The deceased was at some point a DEIS Member
  • Up to 1/2 a page maximum will be permitted per entry, including a photograph
  • The obituary should be written by someone who is/was a DEIS member, a friend/family member, or work colleague
  • Anyone intending to submit an obituary should initially contact the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) EIM for approval to submit
  • Obituaries should be submitted to the EiC EIM for review
  • Obituaries will appear at the end of the appropriate EIM
  • Obituaries published in the EIM will also be placed on the DEIS website
  • Longer or expanded obituaries for anyone based on the EIM obituary may be permitted to be published on the DEIS website, but requires review and approval by the EiC EIM
  • If the person writing the obituary considers the deceased had made significant contributions to DEIS Society activities then a request for approval to the EIM Board through the EiC EIM to increase the size of the EIM obituary up to typically 1 page including photograph, is required. Any expanded obituary will be reviewed by the EiC EIM and will also be permitted to appear on the DEIS website