Webinar: Investigation into the interface in epoxy nanocomposites

Investigation into the interface in epoxy nanocomposites

Presented by Prof. Nandini Gupta

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Nov. 14, 2023, at 2:30 PM CET/ 6:00 PM IST

Abstract- It is understood that the addition of nanometric fillers, in relatively small quantities, to polymer dielectrics may modify the composite properties significantly. Various studies indicate that this may be attributed to the large interfacial region between filler and matrix in nanodielectrics. Therefore, an understanding of the nature and extent of the interfacial region formed between inorganic nano-fillers and the polymer matrix is crucial to understanding the mechanisms and phenomena that govern composite properties. Several models of the interface around a nanoparticle have been proposed in the literature. Studies aimed at interface characterization have been revealing, though inconclusive. Researchers have attempted to study the interface, directly as well as indirectly. Indirect methods involve computational exercises to explain experimentally measured data on composite properties like dielectric permittivity, space charge measurement, etc. Direct methods typically involve microscopic techniques like Electrostatic Force Microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy, etc. In this talk, she will present an overview of the current understanding of the interface in nanodielectrics, with special emphasis on various techniques employed on epoxy nanodielectrics in the HVLAB, IIT Kanpur.

Bio: Nandini Gupta obtained her Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in 1998. She has worked as postdoctoral researcher at the University of Windsor, Canada and the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. She has worked as a visiting faculty at University of Windsor, Canada. She is currently a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. Her major areas of interests are dielectrics and insulating materials, nanodielectrics, partial discharge, treeing in solid insulators and applications of plasma discharges. She is a Senior member, IEEE, and has volunteered for the IEEE in various capacities, over the past two decades. She also volunteers for the IET at the National level.

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