Monthly Webinar “Development and Application of Insulation Technology for SiC Power Semiconductor Module Packaging”

IEEE DEIS Monthly Webinar on:

Development and application of insulation technology for SiC power semiconductor module packaging 

Presented by Masayuki HIKITA

Osaka University, Japan

Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 9:00 AM CET/ 4:00 PM JST  

Abstract: With the commercialization of SiC power devices, packaging technology for power modules has also changed significantly. In this presentation, an overview of SiC power module packaging technology, requirements to be met, challenges and the latest trends will be first presented. As an example of application, the development of double-sided cooled SiC power module for HEV inverter will be introduced. Next, new insulating substrate materials and encapsulating materials, and their characterization are introduced as the development of insulation technology for advanced power module packages such as SiC. In addition, reliability evaluation and diagnostic techniques for SiC power modules are also introduced.

Bio: Masayuki HIKITA received the Dr. degree in Electrical Engineering from Nagoya University in March 1982. He was Research Assistant in April 1982, Associate Professor in April 1992 at Nagoya University, and Professor at Kyushu Institute of Technology since April 1996, Professor Emeritus since April 2019. He has been Specially Appointed Professor at Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University since January 2023. During this period, he was a visiting researcher at the High Voltage Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, from August 1985 to July 1987, and received Doctor Honoris Causa from Paul Sabatie University in 2018 in June 2018. He has been engaged in research on high voltage and insulation engineering, advanced insulation diagnostic technology for power and energy equipment, development of insulation technology for power electronics equipment such as inverters and power modules, and development of wide bandgap semiconductor packaging technology. He received 1995 IEE of Japan Paper Award, 1996 IEEJ Progress Award, 2018 Smart Process Society Paper Award. 1995 IEEJ Distinguish Paper Award, 1996 IEEJ Technical Development Award, and 2018 Distinguish Paper Award from Smart Processing Society for Materials, Environment & Energy. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, IEEE Senior, and a member of CIGRE.

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