Call for Nominations -2024 IEEE DEIS Caixin Sun and Stan Grzybowski Awards


Please nominate worthy candidates for the two 2024 DEIS Caixin Sun and Stan Grzybowski Awards:

  • Young-Professional Achievement Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award


In the realm of high-voltage engineering and its applications, two awards stand out for their significance in recognizing the achievements and contributions of professionals in the field: The IEEE Caixin Sun and Stan Grzybowski Awards. These prestigious awards, administered by the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS), honor individuals for their exemplary work in research engineering or innovation within the domain of high-voltage engineering.

Overview of the Awards

The IEEE Caixin Sun and Stan Grzybowski Awards were inaugurated in 2017, marking a significant milestone in the IEEE DEIS’s efforts to acknowledge and promote excellence in high-voltage engineering. These awards are a testament to the legacy of their namesakes, reflecting their commitment to advancing the field through innovation and scholarly contributions. The awards are presented in two categories:

  • Young-Professional Achievement Award: This accolade is designed to recognize the contributions of professionals who are within the first 3 to 10 years of their career after completing a bachelor’s degree. It celebrates the fresh perspectives and innovative approaches that young professionals bring to the field of high-voltage engineering.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Aimed at honoring individuals with an outstanding career spanning at least 20 years, this award acknowledges the sustained contributions and impact of seasoned professionals in research, engineering, or innovation.

Award Details

Each award carries a subsidy of US$5000, a testament to the IEEE DEIS’s commitment to supporting the professional development of the awardees. Additionally, recipients are given the prestigious opportunity to deliver a plenary lecture at the IEEE International Conference on High Voltage Engineering and Applications (ICHVE) 2024, allowing them to share their insights and achievements with a global audience of peers and upcoming professionals in the field.

Nomination Process

Nominations for these awards are a meticulous process, underscoring the prestige and importance of the accolades. Candidates cannot nominate themselves; instead, a third person must submit the nomination, including a detailed CV of the nominee and a compelling argument for their qualification. This process ensures that the awards remain a peer-recognized honor, highlighting the respect and admiration the nominees command within the high-voltage engineering community. Nominations are supported by endorsement letters from at least two IEEE members familiar with the candidate’s contributions, further validating the nominee’s suitability for the award.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since their inception, these awards have recognized individuals who have made significant impacts in the field. Past recipients of the Young-Professional Achievement Award include Qi Li (2018), Chuanyang Li (2020), and Yang Yang (2022), while the Lifetime Achievement Award has honored Yasuhiro Tanaka (2018), Xingliang Jiang (2020), and William Chisholm (2022).

Call to Action

The IEEE DEIS invites nominations for the next round of awards, aiming to continue the tradition of celebrating outstanding contributions to the field of high-voltage engineering. The nomination shall be submitted electronically to the chair of the ICHVE Awards Committee, Prof. Masoud Farzaneh ([email protected]) before April 19, 2024. An acknowledgement will be sent to the nominator upon receipt of the nomination.