The DEIS operates the Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) to provide experts to DEIS Chapters who then give lectures on electrical insulation and dielectrics topics at Chapter meetings.  The purpose is to help local DEIS Chapters with their educational programs,  attract more attendees to meetings and to boost DEIS membership. 

The DEIS is now soliciting for new Distinguished Lecturers (DL).  Self-nominations or nominations from DEIS members proposing someone else should include a CV and a list of key publications.  The DL Nominee must be an IEEE DEIS member.  The nominations must also contain two letters of support for the nomination.  It would also be helpful to provide 2 or 3 possible topics for DLP lectures.  Nominations should be sent to Greg Stone, Chair, DEIS Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) by September 30, 2024[email protected] 

Prospective Distinguished Lecturers should be aware that the DLP is largely operated on a regional basis, with lecturers normally giving presentations in  a nearby time zone.  For example, lectures in Asia Pacific would normally be presented by DLs from the Asia Pacific region; lectures in North or South America would normally be presented by a lecturer from that geography; etc.  The DL travel costs will be covered by the DEIS (after pre-approval by the DEIS Chapters Chair and DEIS Treasurer).  Local hotel and meal expenses are expected to be covered by the DEIS Chapter and the associated IEEE Region.

DLs will be selected by the DEIS ARC for approval by the DEIS Adcom.  Normally, the term for a DL is 3 years.