2020 Roster

IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society


Division Directors

David B Durocher Director, Division II


Paul C Gaberson President
Brian Stewart Vice President – Administrative
Davide Fabiani Vice President – Technical
Axel Mellinger Secretary
William M McDermid Treasurer
Remind Gerhard Past President

Administrative Committee

Issouf Fofana 2020 – Administrative Committee
Shesha H Jayaram 2020 – Administrative Committee
George Laity 2020 – Administrative Committee
Laurent Lamarre 2020 – Administrative Committee
Toshihiro Takahashi 2020 – Administrative Committee
Yasuhiro Tanaka 2020 – Administrative Committee
Stephen Tuckwell 2020 – Administrative Committee
Akiko Kumada 2021 – Administrative Committee
Axel Mellinger 2021 – Administrative Committee
Qiming Zhang 2021 – Administrative Committee
Elizabeth Foley 2021 – Administrative Committee
Howard Sedding 2021 – Administrative Committee
Thomas Andritsch 2021 – Administrative Committee
Allen Garner 2022 – Administrative Committee
Kevin Alewine 2022 – Administrative Committee
Masatake Kawada 2022 – Administrative Committee
Mona Ghassemi 2022 – Administrative Committee
Norimitsu Ichikawa 2022 – Administrative Committee

DEI-Standing Committees

Gregory C Stone Awards
Thomas Andritsch Adhoc Membership/Chapters Co-chair (Region 8)
Jim Guo Adhoc Membership/Chapters Co-chair (Regions 1-7 & 9)
Feipeng Wang Adhoc Membership/Chapters Co-chair (Region 10)
Daniel L Schweickart Constitution and Bylaws
Andrea Cavallini Education
Paul Lewin Fellows
William M McDermid Finance
Reimund Gerhard (Interim) Historian
Stanislaw Gubanski Magazine Editor-In-Chief
Resi Zarb Magazine Co-editor
Frank Hegeler (Interim) Meetings
Reimund Gerhard Nominations and Appointments
Peter Morshuis Publications
Edward A Cherney (Interim) Transactions Editor-In-Chief
Huseyin Hiziroglu (Interim Co-editor) Transactions Part A: Fundamentals
Giovanni Mazzanti (Interim Co-editor) Transactions Part B: Applications
Jane Hegeler Webmaster


Position Vacant IEEE Council on Superconductivity
Mark Winkeler IEEE Nanotechnology Council
Zhongyang Cheng IEEE Sensor Council
Azam Nekahi IEEE Women in Engineering
Position Vacant Young Professionals
Stephen Tuckwell Standards Liaison
Roger Wicks UA Technology Policy Council R&D Policy Committee

DEI-Technical Committees

Hugh Zhu Aging Factors
Marek Florkowski Diagnostics
Li Ming Wang Discharges in Air at UHV
Giovanni Mazzanti HVDC Cable Systems
Issouf Fofana Liquid Dielectrics
Mark Winkeler Nanodielectrics
Fulbert Baudoin Numerical Methods Applied to Dielectrics
Refat Ghunem Outdoor Insulation
Stephen Tuckwell Standards
Position Vacant Smart Grids

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