Distinguished Lecturers

2014 DEIS Distinguished Lecturers

  1. Dr. R. Bartnikas (IREQ, Hydro Quebec, Canada). ”Partial discharge characteristics.”
  2. Prof. E.A. Cherney (University of Waterloo, Canada). “Impact of inverter drives on form-wound AC motor stator coil insulation. Outdoor insulation, including composite polymer insulators and RTV coatings; tracking and erosion protection.”
  3. Dr. J. Densley (Kinectrics, Canada). “Cable diagnostics.”
  4. Prof. L. A. Dissado (University of Leicester, UK). “Predicting breakdown in polymeric insulators; from deterministic mechanisms to failure statistics; understanding electrical trees in solids; from experiment to theory. Why and how do insulating polymers conduct? The origin and nature of charge packets.”
  5. Prof. J. Fothergill (City University, London, UK). “Space charge and how to measure it.”
  6. Prof. C. Laurent (Universite Paul Sabatier, France). “Insulating materials; optical breakdown warning, space charge and conduction, modeling and experiments.”
  7. Prof. T. Mizutani (Nagoya University, Japan). “High field phenomena in insulating materials; organic electronics devices.”
  8. Prof. G. C. Montanari (University of Bologna, Italy). Fundamental research in electrical insulation and electrical asset management: is there a link? Insulation diagnosis in high voltage apparatus by partial discharge investigation.”
  9. Prof. J. K. Nelson (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA). “Nanodielectrics.”
  10. Prof. T. Takada (Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan). “Space charge accumulation in dielectrics”.
  11. Prof. T. Tanaka (Waseda University, Japan). “Polymer nanocomposites.”
  12. Prof. M. Zahn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA). “Kerr electro-optic measurements: field and charge density. Flow electrification theory and experiment. Magnetic field theory and applications.”

Re-appointment approved by AdCom 10-22-2013


rev. 7-24-2015

New DEIS Distinguished Lecturers

North America

1. Dr. Greg Stone (Iris Power, Canada). 1. Aging mechanisms of rotating machines. 2. Diagnostic testing of rotating machine insulation. 3. Effect of inverter drives on rotating machine insulation.

Africa, Europe and Middle East

2. Professor Ernst Gockenbach (Univ Hannover, Germany). 1. Dielectric liquids in high voltage equipment. 2. Test procedures for dielectric materials.

3.   Professor Stanislaw Gubanski (Chalmers Univ Tech, Sweden). 1. Outdoor polymeric insulation for AC and DC lines. 2. Dielectric response measurements for diagnostics of power transformers.

4. Professor Paul Lewin (Univ Southampton, UK). 1. High voltage DC cables: the key component for future “super grids”. 2. On-line partial discharge monitoring of high voltage plants.

5. Dr. Peter Morshuis (TU Delft, the Netherlands). 1. Electrical and thermal phenomena at dielectric/insulation interfaces. 2. Partial discharge in HVDC insulation systems.

6. Professor Gary Stevens (Univ. Surrey/Gnosys, UK). 1. Nanodielectrics from nanofilled materials to nano-textured polymer nano-composites for HVAC and HVDC applications. 2. Self-healing materials and self-repair functions in electrical insulation systems-preferably from mid-2015. 3. Materials reporting and self-reporting using spectroscopic fibre optics.


7. Dr. Tatsui Okamoto (CRIEPI, Japan). 1. Radiation aging of polymeric insulating materials.


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