2021 IEEE DEIS Eric O. Forster Distinguished Service Award

Paul Lewin is the recipient of the 2021 IEEE DEIS Eric O. Forster Distinguished Service Award.

Paul joined the academic staff of the University of Southampton in 1989 and became a professor in Electrical Power Engineering in 2010. He is a very gifted and hardworking researcher, leader and advocate in and of the field of electrical insulation. His sustained contributions to the development of present and future international leaders who hold influential positions in electrical insulation (and DEIS) have high value and impact. Paul has a significant publication record in electrical insulation resulting in more than 500 high quality papers over a considerable period in TDEI, EIM, DEIS conferences and other publications many of which have significantly advanced the field of insulation and the understanding of dielectric phenomena.

Paul is a person who is able to “make things work” and he won’t stop until he has reached his goal. A good example can be found in how Paul made the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory of the University of Southampton a national and international success. Alongside fundamental research, the now fully certified laboratory became a framework provider of research and innovation services to a number of large electricity network companies.

Paul is also an excellent strategic thinker and DEIS has benefitted significantly from his leadership and continued motivation related to research activity, strategic management, and decision-taking. These qualities have also been recognized by the University of Southampton where Paul currently holds the position of Head of School, now for a second term.

Those working within DEIS have already recognized Paul as providing sustained leadership to the field. This is confirmed by Paul being a Past President of the Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society, as well as previously holding other DEIS leadership positions including VP Admin, VP Technical, Secretary and being an AdCom member and an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation for many years. Paul is also active within DEIS Conferences and was the General Chair for ICSD 2007 held in Winchester, UK and EIC 2015 held in Seattle, WA.  His contributions and leadership record of accomplishment within IEEE and DEIS have been further recognised by his appointment as a Fellow of the IEEE. Throughout his career he has been strongly supported by his wife, Nicki (also a regular DEIS conference organising committee member) as well as his colleagues, staff, and students within the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory.  On being informed of this award Paul said “I am delighted to be recognised by the Society and extremely grateful for all of the support I have received by my family and University that have allowed me to contribute over many years to DEIS activities”.