Webinar: E-field probing as a breakthrough tool for dielectrics and insulation issues

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E-field probing as a breakthrough tool for dielectrics and insulation issues

Presented by Dr. Lionel Duvillaret

Chairman & CEO, KAPTEOS,  Sainte Hélène du Lac, FRANCE

May 09 2023, 10 AM ET/ 4 PM CET

Abstract: In the framework of diagnosis of high voltage systems, various tools are used : classical electrical measurements (current and voltage), sound (ultrasound) and optical (UV emission, IR thermography…) measurements. Thanks to antennas, Electromagnetic (EM) measurements (E and H fields) give also some valuable non-local information. However, use of EM measurements is strongly limited to locations for which antennas do not themselves induce partial discharge (PD) or interference. Using full dielectric and ultra-small optical antennas, such EM measurements can be extended to any location and any medium, including vacuum, high pressure gases, transformer oils and even plasma. We will show how the millimeter size of the optical antenna allow ultra-precise localisation of PD on HV connectors, or how the non-local behavior of the E field allows to get contact-less voltage measurements of the overshoot on each of the three phases of a 550 kW motor driven by PWM.

Bio: Lionel Duvillaret, Ph.D., is the CEO of Kapteos company. Lionel has more than 30 years of experience in optoelectronics, electromagnetism and E-field probes. Lionel received his BSc (Physics) degree from Grenoble University and its MSc (Physics) degree from University of Paris-Sud. After receiving his PhD in optoelectronics from University of Paris-Sud (1994), Lionel became Assistant Professor at University of Savoy where he developed research in THz time-domain spectroscopy, electromagnetic band-gap materials and electro-optic sampling. Lionel joined Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble in 2005 where he has worked as full Professor and was at the head of one of the IMEP laboratory department. In 2009, he founded Kapteos company, a leading company in the field of optical E-field probes covering almost all RF spectrum (from 50 Hz up to 65 GHz). Lionel has been the recipient of a dozen of national and international prizes and awards. Lionel is the author of a dozen of patents and of more than 250 publications and communications. His work is cited nearly 5000 times and he is considered as an expert in the field of E-field measurements in harsh environment. Lionel has supervised numerous postgraduate students and also a large number of R&D projects involving other companies and laboratories. Since 2022, Lionel supervised new developments of optical H-field probes and of a universal platform for antenna testing in the near field range.

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