International Conference on Electrical Materials and Power Equipment (ICEMPE)

Conference on applications of electrical insulation and dielectric materials to be held every two years in China and is co-sponsored by DEIS and China Electrotechnical Society.

Some topics of interest will include: Dielectric Physics related to Conduction, polarization and breakdown (Trees); Space charge, Molecular simulation and calculation; Insulating Materials related to: performance, composition and structure, Nanocomposite, Eco-friendly dielectrics, Biodielectrics; Power Equipment related: fabrication, detection, operation and assessment, Cable, Motor, Transformer, GIS, HVDC Insulating materials and phenomena related to Superconductivity, Arcing, Gas Discharge, Surface Discharge, Structural Optimization of Electrical Insulation; Electrical Insulation Techniques under extreme conditions, High temperature, Electrical insulation in space.

Next conference will be in:

  • 2025 – TDB