Electrets and Related Phenomena


Special Issue of the

IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation


Electrets and Related Phenomena


We are pleased to announce that the June 2015 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (TDEI) will be a special issue on electrets and related phenomena.  This issue is open to all authors. Presenters of papers at the IEEE 15th International Symposium on Electrets (ISE15) to be held during August 10-13, 2014 in Baltimore (USA) are especially encouraged to submit their work to this special issue. For more information on ISE15 please go to www.ise15.org.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Charge (injection/formation, transport, trapping,      measurement) related phenomena in dielectrics
  • Dielectric responses under high electric field
  • Soft actuators & sensors
  • Ferro-/piezo-electric phenomena in polymers and organics/biomaterials
  • Applications of organic and polymer based      ferro-/piezo-electric materials
  • Energy storage in dielectrics and ionic materials
  • Electrocaloric and pyroelectric materials
  • Electrets for energy harvesting: principle,      design, characterization, and applications
  • Electrets and functional polymers in organic      electronics
  • Non-linear electrical and optical effects:      photoelectrets
  • Electrostatic and dielectric phenomena in life      science and bioelectrets
  • Electro-electrets: ferroelectret and      dielectric-elastomer transducers
  • Nanoscale characterization of electrostatic,      dielectric and electret materials
  • Electret and dielectric phenomena in nanoscale      structures/configuration
  • Dielectric and space charge relaxation in      polymers and organics
  • Thermally stimulated currents

Authors are invited to submit their papers to the Guest Editors of the Special Issue no later than August 31, 2014, at the TDEI website (http://www.cloznet.com/ieeetdei). On the submission form there is a location for Special Issue paper submission where the name of the Guest Editor is to be chosen. Instructions for the preparation of manuscripts and a template are available at the website or directly from:


In accordance with IEEE policy, papers that have been published in any Conference proceedings cannot be republished. Therefore, authors of the 2014 IEEE ISE15 are strongly advised to significantly expand and enhance their conference papers version prior to submission to this Special Issue of the IEEE TDEI.

Further questions concerning this Special Issue could be directed to either one of the two Guest Editors or directly to the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transaction on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Professor Reuben Hackam ([email protected])

The Guest Editors for this special issue are:

Qiming Zhang

Department of Electrical Engineering

and Materials Research Institute

N219 Millennium Science Complex

The Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802, USA

Tel: 814-863-8994

[email protected]


Michael (Seungju) Yu

Department of Bioengineering

University of Utah

4501 SMBB, 36 S. Wasatch Drive

Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA

Tel: 801-587-1264

[email protected]