Past President Message November 2013

Message from the DEIS President

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(November 5, 2013)

 Year 2013 has been remarkable for DEIS in term of realisation and structural changes.

It particularly marks the 50th anniversary of our Society, which has been commemorated in various ways, mainly by the publication of 9 fifty-year review articles in the Magazine with 3 more to appear in the January/February 2014 issue, together with an editorial on the founding meeting of the Society in the same issue.

The society has proceeded with a number of operational improvements, in particular with its website, now with more attractive features for better communication with its member and direct access to the Society’s procedures and activities. Key improvement targets suggested to AdCom have resulted in a number of ameliorations in various activities and in new initiatives:

  1. Targeted recruiting approach resulted in an increase in membership, now standing close to 2,300, with a notable increase for student and Gold Membership. In Publications, procedures are being implemented for a more systematic control of papers for plagiarism and for reducing time from paper submission to publication. Also, the process for merging of the ICDL and ICSD conferences is moving forward. For the Technical Activities, a forum on the DEIS website and a formal review of those activities are underway. As concerns Education, the Student Fellowship program has been restructured and more emphasis is being put on producing videos of lectures of technical interest to be loaned to members and teaching staff in universities or schools.  Chapters are now reaching more than 1,300 people, with three new chapters, in Africa, China, and Mexico, being close to being formed, in addition to the 11 active ones. It is worth to mention that the newly created Kolkota Chapter, in India, has set up the new CATCON conference, technically sponsored by DEIS, which promises to be very successful.
  2. An Executive Committee, composed of the President, Administrative and Technical Vice Presidents, past President, Treasurer, Secretary and the chairs of the Publications and Meetings committees, has been created. Its scope includes discussion of future orientations and the development of high-level strategies for proposing to AdCom.
  3. A new Distinguished Lecturers Program to ensure top quality and steady supply of lectures for the Chapters was established, under the management of the Awards and Recognition committee.
  4. A Regional Ambassador Program has been established to promote DEIS worldwide, create new Chapters and increase cooperation among them. It will first be started in China as a pilot project with the nomination of Dr. Mingli Fu as Ambassador.
  5. Successful efforts have been made to set foot in China. In addition to nominating an Ambassador, a Chapter has been initiated and is about to be recognized. CEIDP 2013 has been held last October in Shenzhen, outside of North America for the first time, which was a great success with more than 300 papers presented. This was immediately followed by a reception where foremost Chinese experts from academia and industry had been invited and were informed by DEIS officers and chairs of administrative committees on the services and activities of DEIS.
  6. It was decided to join the IEEE Sister Societies (PES, PELS, IAS, IES), for collaboration around the development and professional activities, for mutual benefits. Also, a link has been established with INMR allowing increased membership, especially from the industry, with Dr. W.A. Chisholm acting as liaison between DEIS and INMR.
  7. DEIS will be reviewed by the IEEE TAB Society Review Committee in November. Considering that DEIS is doing well in all its important activities including publications, membership, sponsored conferences, active chapters, updated by-laws, regular meetings of its AdCom, and updated and rejuvenated technical activities, we are confident to go through the review process with flying colors.

My increasing workload and responsibilities at national and international levels did not unfortunately allow me to run for a second-year mandate. However, I will continue to serve the Society in 2014 as immediate Past President.

At the last AdCom meeting, Frank Hegeler, Paul Lewin and Reimund Gerhard were elected respectively as new President, Administrative Vice President and Technical Vice President, for 2014. We wish them all success in their positions.

Finally, I would like to take this occasion to sincerely thank the Administrative Committee for their trust, support, collaboration and leadership which will contribute to make this 50th anniversary a memorable year in the history of DEIS.


Masoud Farzaneh, President