Editor-in-Chief of the Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (TDEI)

The DEIS is seeking applicants for the position of Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of the IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation (TDEI). Potential applicants should be members of DEIS and be willing and able to carry out the duties of the EiC as described below from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023 with a transition from the previous EiC during 2020. He or she will be expected to have relevant experience, exhibit enthusiasm for the post, and be able to manage the process from submission to publication. It is expected that once in post, the EiC, in consultation with the Editorial Board of TDEI, will make improvements to assessment procedures and will seek methods whereby the TDEI can increase in prominence when compared to competing journals and consequently increase its ranking by international indices. In doing this the EiC will consider the format of the journal, its publication and reviewing policies, and assess progress using publication metrics.

If you are interested in this post, please e-mail Brian Stewart, ([email protected]),  DEIS VP admin, for more information. Applications will be reviewed by the TDEI Editor Search Committee, who will prepare a recommendation for the DEIS Administrative Committee (AdCom). The latest date for acceptance of a letter of interest is 15 July 2020.

Position Description

General responsibility for the technical content and production of the bimonthly IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, which is published by the IEEE Dielectrics and Insulation Society (DEIS). The editor-in-chief is expected to be a member of DEIS and attend DEIS AdCom meetings, which usually occur twice per year. There is usually an annual one-day meeting of all IEEE chief editors, which will also require the attendance of the TDEI EiC. Travel and office expenses are part of the compensation package. 

  1. Responsible for soliciting and obtaining articles. The editor is also expected to attend at least one DEIS conference per year, to enable solicitation of papers. 
  2. Responsible for interacting with associate editors of the Editorial Board. 
  3. Responsible for soliciting and interacting with guest editors for special editions of the Transactions, who solicit and edit papers for the special issues. 
  4. Interface with authors for receipt of papers, editorial feedback, proofreading. 
  5. Interface with the company responsible for copy-editing and publishing the papers. (copy editing is explicitly excluded from the responsibilities of the EiC)
  6. Assign papers to appropriate co-editors of TDEI part A – Dielectric Fundamentals and TDEI Part B – Dielectric Applications.
  7. Train an appropriate senior editor as cover for the editor-in-chief in an emergency.
  8. Write editorials as appropriate.
  9. Interface with the DEIS treasurer on finance issues.
  10. Interface with the DEIS Publications Chair for policy issues and status of TDEI.
  11. Responsible for producing a response to IEEE Periodicals Review every five years in consultation with the chair of the Publications Committee. 
  12. Report twice a year to AdCom, one such report being used for a performance assessment carried out annually by the Publications Committee.