2022 Boggs Award Call for Nominations



In 2018, the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society created the Steven A. Boggs Young Professional Achievement Award to be given every two years to individuals who have achieved their first significant results in the field of dielectrics and electrical insulation.  Their contribution can be in the development of new dielectric materials; aging of insulating materials or systems; and/or insulation diagnostics.  The nominees should have a minimum of 3 years and up to 10 years of experience in research, engineering, or innovation after completing their bachelor’s degree.  Nominations can be made by submitting an e-mail or letter to Greg Stone by the end of January 2020.  The nominator must provide information on why the nominee’s contribution is significant, as well as the nominee’s CV.   The nominator must also indicate at least three people who will endorse the nomination and who will provide their letters of support for the nomination directly to Greg Stone.  

The late Steve Boggs was a prolific contributor to the field of dielectrics and electrical insulation.  During his career, Dr. Boggs worked at Ontario Hydro’s Research Division, USi and finally the University of Connecticut.  He was amongst the first to realize the advantage of measuring partial discharges on operating equipment in the VHF and UHF ranges, and developed practical methods for doing so, especially in GIS and rotating machines.  At USi he was active in the field of superconducting power cables and transmission-class power cable joints and terminations.  When he joined UConn, he became very active in analytical modeling of high field conduction of surge arrestors and PD suppression coatings in windings and cables, as well as investigating the atomic-level basis of breakdown and dielectric response.  While at UConn he developed a passion for cultivating new researchers in this field.

The inaugural winner of the Boggs award in 2020 was Dr. Masahiro Sato of the University of Tokyo.

The winner of the Boggs Young Professional Achievement Award will receive a plaque and an honorarium of $5000 US.  The Award is funded from donations by the family, friends, and students of Steve Boggs.

Greg Stone; IEEE DEIS Awards and Recognition Committee Chair

E-mail: [email protected]