Webinar: Key Enabling Aspects for Long Distance Power Cables – Dec 13 2022

Key Enabling Aspects for Long Distance Power Cables

Presented by Dr. Marc Jeroense

MJ MarCable Consulting

Dec. 13 2022, 9 AM EDT/3PM CET

Abstract-Driven by climate change and related policies a lot of additional energy in the form of electricity will in future be transmitted. Between regions, countries and also from different renewable energy sources to the locations of consumption, connections are being planned. Sometimes using overhead lines and quite often also submarine and underground power cables. The development, commercialization and implementation has gone incredibly fast. A view on that journey will be given, accompanied with the consequences of such speed.

HVDC cables are the solution to transmit huge amounts of power across large distances. The technology choices will be described as well as the challenges ahead.

Clearly one wonders what the future in terms of cable technology will bring us. Because the future will be shaped by all of us, I will not give definite answers. At first because answers do not always exist yet. And secondly because involvement of the younger generation is best done by displaying the challenges and giving directions. Rather than ready solutions. And this will be done during the Webinar too – showing the challenges and pointing out directions.

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A recording of this webinar can be viewed here.