I Won, What Now?

Please contact the Education committee chair to disclose all your data, i.e., first name, family name, affiliation, address. In the e-mail, please include the username you have selected to access this website.

In order to get the first 50% of your money, please check the page:

Grant Winners – How To Get Your Money

In the forthcoming months, you are supposed to develop your project and to submit a report (a paper) on a DEIS fully-sponsored conference.

Eligible conferences can be found under upcoming conferences.

Note. Upon submitting, please write a comment in the submission system to signal the technical program chair (TPC) that your paper is the report of a project awarded with the IEEE DEIS Graduate Fellowship. If feasible, the TPC will allow you to present your work at an oral session.

After the conference, check the same page above to get the remaining 50% of the grant.