Call for Nominations: 2019 Eric O. Forster Award

Call for Nominations

2019 IEEE Eric O. Forster Distinguished Service Award

Every two years, the IEEE DEIS selects an individual in recognition of sustained leadership, support, and contributions to the advancement of the field of electrical insulation. This award, which was first given in 1992, is named in honor of the late Eric O. Forster, for his distinguished service on behalf of DEIS. The award is restricted to DEIS members. It is made biennially, generally at the Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena, although the recipient has the prerogative of requesting that the award be made at an alternative DEIS-sponsored event.   

The DEIS seeks nominations for the 2019 Eric O. Forster Award. Nominations can be submitted via e-mail or regular mail to the Chair of the DEIS Awards Committee, Greg Stone, by March 15, 2019. The nominator should clearly outline the contributions made by the nominee to the DEIS. The nominator should also supply the nominee’s CV and the written support for the nomination of at least two DEIS members. Documentation should be sent to:

Greg Stone
Iris Power – Qualitrol
3110 American Dr
Mississauga, ON, Canada, L4V 1T2
Tel. +1 905 364 4605
E-mail: [email protected]


Past Recipients of DEIS Distinguished Service Award:

1979    Joseph Perkins                                

1981    Ken Mathes                                    

1983    Eric Forster                                     

1985    Emanuel Brancato                           

1987    Arend van Roggen                          

1988    John Tanaka

1989    Phil Alexander        

1990    Scott Hurley, Jr.

1991    Edward Boulter        

In 1992, the award was renamed the Eric O. Forster Distinguished Service Award.

1992    Frank Campbell

1993    Gregory Stone   

1994    Ronald Sampson

1995    Tor Orbeck

1996    Alan Cookson

1997    Sachio Yasafuku

1998    Keith Nelson

1999    Clive Reed

2000    Reuben Hackam

2001    Aime S. DeReggi

2002   Yoshimichi Ohki

In 2003, it was decided to give the award every two years. No award was given in 2003.

2005    John J. Shea

2007    Alexander Bulinski

2009    John Berberian

2011    Robert Hebner

2013    William McDermid

2015    Hulya Kirkici

2017    Resi Zarb