Webinair: Cable Assessment – Cable Rejuvenation 101 – Grid Reliability

Cable Assessment – Cable Rejuvenation 101 – Grid Reliability

Presented by Wayne J. Chatterton, PhD

Southwire Company, USA

Mar. 12, 2024, at 2:00 PM ET/ 8:00 PM CET  

Abstract- This webinar will introduce a basic understanding of Cable Assessment services that when combined with Cable Rejuvenation and Cable Replacement will lead to a more rapid and thorough capital rehabilitation of aged underground electrical distribution systems. The elementary understanding of appropriate assessment tests will be described, and a detailed description of Cable Rejuvenation will be presented with an explanation of both why and how one should be injecting cables to provide electrical grid reliability. Aging cables can be treated with silicone rejuvenation fluid and take them to better than new. The AC breakdown strength will be significantly improved, and the expected remaining life of these aged cables will be stretched by many decades. The environmental, cost and resource benefits will be described.

Bio: Wayne J Chatterton, Ph.D completed all of his degrees at the University of Toronto in Canada – B.Sc. 1985 (Organic Chemistry), M.Sc. 1987 (Organometallic Chemistry), and Ph.D 1990 (Silicone Chemistry). He spent 16 years in various roles at Dow Corning Corporation including the leader of the Cable Restoration team for 18 years. Wayne is a silicone chemist with expertise in fluids, siloxanes and silicone rubber. He has studied the fundamental interactions between silicone injection fluids and cable insulations. Wayne spent his entire Dow Corning career in the Electrical Industry. He is an expert on transformer fluids, rubber insulators and injection grade fluids. In 2006 he joined UtilX/Novinium Corporation as Director of Technology and is now the Technical Delivery Director at Southwire. These roles have allowed him a more direct interaction on the research of chemical cable rejuvenation fluids. Wayne holds numerous US and international patents on cable restoration and is the author of a number of papers on cable restoration and related technologies. Wayne is a member of IEEE Power Engineering Society and the Insulated Conductors Committee. He is a long standing member of ASTM committees D9 and D27 (Currently he is Chairman of D27-02). He has been a long time member of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

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Attendees of DEIS webinar have the opportunity to earn 1 credit Professional Development Hour (PDH) certificate!