Call for TDEI Papers Outdoor Insulation

Cross-disciplines in Outdoor Insulation

   The December 2014 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation will be devoted to promote specific new links between outdoor insulation knowledge and other domains. Papers are invited in categories of review, outdoor field and laboratory studies.

    Pollution monitoring by satellites, to establish levels of non-soluble and soluble contamination, has been feasible with improving resolution for more than ten years.  These data need to be understood and calibrated against ground-based measurements that are specific for outdoor insulator design, such as NSDD and ESDD.  Comparisons of insulator surface pollution in outdoor conditions with satellite data are specifically encouraged.  The issue also covers extreme outdoor events, including flashover of insulators under conditions of water streams in heavy rain, icing flashovers, flashover with extremely high NSDD and flashovers of live-line working tools at extremely low ESDD. Experimental results, modeling and testing experience with novel mitigation measures such as surface coatings and treatments or electric field stress control are all welcome.

For this special issue, the topics include, but are not limited to:

Present methods for monitoring global pollution on insulators by satellites and their recent results

  • On-site and laboratory investigations of rate of pollution accumulation on insulators
  • Processes and mechanisms of flashover on outdoor insulator surfaces during extreme events
  • Methods of performance evaluation and selection of insulators and related tools

You are invited to submit up to two-page outline of your proposed contribution to the Guest Editors, Professor Masoud Farzaneh and Dr William A. Chisholm, at the following e-mail: [email protected]  on or before 1 November 2013. The outline should contain the following information:

Proposed title and authors

Outline of the paper

Suggested preliminary table of contents (Headings, sub-headings, figures, etc.)

E-mail of the corresponding author.

You will be notified of the suitability of your proposal not later than 15 November 2013. The full papers must be submitted before 1 January 2014 at the TDEI website ( in accordance with the requirements provided there. On the online site, there is a location for special issue paper submission where the names of the Guest Editors are to be chosen.